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How to solve a quiz?

The solution process is guided by a red cursor which surrounds one of the cells called the focus cell. This cell represents one of the letters of the focus word which is colored yellow. Any character you type on the keyboard will be entered into the focus cell and the cursor will advance to the next letter of the focus word. The mouse can be used to change the location of the focus cell. A click in any cell will move the focus to that cell, and one of the words passing through that cell will become the focus word. A second click will change focus to the other word passing through the cell.
Alternatively, the four arrow keys can be used to move the cursor cell around the puzzle.
By using the drop-down selection you can move to the next puzzle.


• Letter hint: click this button to reveal the letter under the cursor.
• Word hint: this button reveals the current word.
• Solution: reveal the complete solution of the puzzle.
• Start again: this button allows you to clear the entire puzzle.
• Show errors: check your progress at any time using this button. Cells containing incorrect letters will be coloured dark grey.
• Desktop mode/mobile mode: switch from desktop mode with clues beside the puzzle to compact mobile mode.

Google search field

If you encounter a clue for which you do not know the answer but you feel that clicking the Word hint button would be a cop-out, you now have an alternative. Below the puzzle is a Google search facility. Simply copy and paste the clue and click the search button.

Once you've solved the quiz a message appears.

Have fun!

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