Puzzle help word search

How to solve a word search?

All of the words can be found either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In addition, the letters of the words may be arranged in either the normal or reverse order. The puzzle is solved by finding each of the words.
When you have found the location of one of the words, you can point to the first letter using the mouse, then holding down the left button, drag the mouse pointer to the last letter.
When you release the mouse button, a colored loop will be drawn around the word, and the color of that word in the list will change to remind you of which words have been found so far. Naturally, pointing to the last letter and dragging toward the first letter will also work.
By using the drop-down selection you can move to the next puzzle. You will find various word search themes. There are also word search puzzles in different languages like Spanish, French, German and South African.


  • Solution: reveal the complete solution of the puzzle.
  • Start again: this button allows you to clear the entire puzzle.
  • Desktop mode/mobile mode: switch from desktop mode to compact mobile mode.

Once you've solved the quiz a message appears.

Have fun!

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